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P.E.P. People Postulate

The response to this add-on for Greg Rostami's Inject has been overwhelming. Read the reactions and comments of the Inject Community.

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What many have said about Parkin Email Premonition

P.E.P. has allowed me to develop an effect that fits in perfectly with my show (which is centered around influence). Thank you, so much.
--Preston Heller

Thom Parkin it's amazing! After PEP came out, that's pretty much the only way I perform anything with swipes. It makes so much more sense to me to send an email. I mean don't get me wrong, if I have to just text the picture or post on FB I will but what better way to send all your contact info! I love it and thank you so much for everything!!

--Frank Flores

I went for breakfast this morning with a friend and I did the Parkin Email Premonition. Thom's masterpiece just absolutely KILLED!
--Guy Bedard

I can't thank you enough. I did PEP during my first job interview last week. The guy forwarded my resume to five other companies!
--Aashish Singhal

I honestly feel this is the best effect using inject! It's so hard for a spectator to back track as the email was sent before! I love the picture effects using time but think an email is just perfect along with a marked deck
--Paul Rae

Thom Parkin Amazing! Thank you so much for this addition. Inject 2 is already a killer, you've helped turn it into a weapon of mass destruction!
--Ifty Ahmed

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Brilliant addition to the arsenal, I've literally been doing this one everyday since I set it thing is you don't even have to go anywhere to preform lol even from home I've been blowing minds lol
--Mark Horsman

It is really that awesome!! I will say this is almost the best magic of 2018...

Hi Thom. I've been sharing this with a few people over the past week and it's great. I've tried with both Text and Image and the responses are great. Really looking forward to this effect's progression, fantastic work
--Adam Axford