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Turn their email into a weapon of MASS Deduction!

Premonition, Prediction or Strong Influence

Using any device! • NO APP TO INSTALL!

"If something can happen, you can predict it,
so the possibilities are endless."

- - Ender's Game Reviews

Reveal ANYTHING (image or text) in an email message with a timestamp proving it arrived before the selection was made.


Integrated with Inject, you have the ability to extend your Prediction beyond the phone.

What IS P.E.P Exactly?

With P.E.P. you have the ability to make Accurate Predictions with Email. Using any device!

P.E.P. User's Guide

Amazing effect!

• Make a prediction by email.

• The spectator witnesses you composing the email message.

• You can tailor the message to the situation.

• First the message is CONFIRMED as received.

• Next the spectator makes a truly FREE choice.

• Remarkably, once opened the message is 100% correct.

• Reveal Photos or Text

other possibilities include...

P.E.P Boarding Pass Prediction

Le Joker Dandy Dice Prediction


Integrates directly with Inject


MORE THAN THIRTY Inject Effects:


  • Houdini Cards
  • Houdini Poster
  • Hotel Key
  • The Joker Cards
  • Numbers
  • Roulette
  • Big Ben
  • Harry Potter Train Time
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Colored Dice (2 variations)
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Magic Square
  • Sagrada Familia Temple Magic Square
  • ESP (Zener) Cards
  • Cartoe de Biscoito da Sorte
  • Glückskeks Karte
  • Harry Potter Platform
  • Sistine Chapel - Michaelangelo
  • Color Chair Test
  • Magic Square
    • Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Famíli
  • Billiard Cards
  • Zodiac Signs
  • Color Chair Test
  • Billiard Table Cards
  • Colored Dice
  • Fortune Cookie Cards

...and many more

Finally Available - P.E.P. Hands-Off

This exciting new feature is FREE for all P.E.P. users. If you are one of the many who enjoy "Lazy Inject", imagine performing it with your revelation in an email message. And this can be COMPLETELY Hands-Off!

Register Your P.E.P. ID Now

promote yourself

The email message contains YOUR marketing information.


You can include your website, Instagram, logo, a booking coupon.


The spectator is certain to SHARE this miracle with others!

It's simple as FORWARDING an email


The prediction is permanent in the email (even if you perform it again)


With P.E.P. PRO send the same prediction to multiple spectators.

Dynamic Effects

These do not require Inject

Supported by

Beach Sign


Graffiti Text

Fortune Cookie

Birthday Cake

Cookies Writing

Cinema Ticket

Sand Writing

Snow Writing

Simple Time

Sports Scores

Cricket Score

Tree Carving

Water Writing

Street Sign

Inscribed Bracelet


Plane Banner

Love Locks

Frosty Window Writing

Light Graffiti


Blood Text

Cemetery Gates

Arrow Signs

Menu Board

Santa's Christmas List

Glass Bauble

Nice List Certificate

Harry Potter Train Platform

Website Integration

Image posted 21-January-2021

The image you see is the most recent Revelation made with P.E.P. by an active, working magician.


This represents the way in which an image of your most recent P.E.P. Revelation can be integrated into YOUR website, providing the Ultimate 'convincer'.
The lastest revelation you made with P.E.P. will appear ON YOUR WEBSITE automatically.
You will be provided the exact code to include on your site. It is no more complicated than a reference to an image.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What phones will support P.E.P.?

    P.E.P. is a Web App which means it can be used on any device that has an Internet connection. Mobile devices for in-person performances and a tablet or computer for "Virtual" Shows.

  • Do I need to buy a different version if I change phones?

    Any mobile device will support the web-app. Furthermore, your account is not tied to a single device - you can use it on any assortment of devices.

  • Will PEP work on phones only?

    P.E.P is a Web App and can be used on any device that has an Internet connection. Mobile devices are ideal for in-person performances but tablets or computers can be used in "Virtual" shows.

  • Must I use Inject for P.E.P.?

    Recently, P.E.P. has broken the bounds of merely an Inject adjunct. P.E.P. was initially built as an add-on for Inject. Its capabilities and features have grown far beyond what Inject offers and can be used independently. Particularly with the performance flexibility offered by a "Virtual Show" the broad range of Dynamic Effects can be utilized by anyone!

  • Why is P.E.P. billed as a subscription?

    Unlike a traditional App, that exists on your phone, P.E.P. utilizes numerous external services (email, database, routing and image storage) and these are all resources that are paid monthly; regardless of usage. The exception to that is email and Google Image Search (which are billed on a per-use basis). With a subscription YOU DO NOT PAY ANY of those charges directly. They are part of your subscription.

ready to try it for yourself?!


This is intended for Professional Magicians. P.E.P. is an add-on for Inject. Over the years its capabilities have grown and it no longer relies solely on Inject. In today's world of "Virtual Magic" there are some truly amazing Predictions that can be accomplished - delivered directly to the email inbox of every participant in the event.

Continuation Of Service

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